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Chicago's cab drivers have had enough. According to their website Cab Drivers for Justice drivers are banding together to sue to city for unfair practices:

Some examples include petty ticket practices with unreasonably high fines, no legal representation to defend violations, setting high overhead expenses for taxi drivers, no consideration of fare increase. All of the mentioned issues and many more have resulted into a situation where drivers aren't making enough money and this has many effects on the driver as well as their families.

[...]The amended complaint demonstrates how City of Chicago has control over how much money we make and has not allowed us to make what others in similar jobs make. Also, the complaint addresses the excessive control that the City has over drivers and how we are treated as employees. This federal suit aims to force the city to either treat us as genuine independent contractors or pay us what employees in similar professions make.


So your question might be: how are they going to pay for this? With a calendar, of course! $15 plus postage can help you sex up your new year as well as help some cab drivers get basic rights like representation in court. Who thought of this idea?

WBBM Newsradio's Mike Krauser reports the pin-up calendar was created by Melissa Callahan, who started driving a taxi about five years ago.

She acknowledged most Chicagoans probably don't think of the average cab driver as sexy.

"No, most of the time they don't," she said.

A photo of Callahan in an evening gown graces the cover of the calendar, and is a bit easier on the eyes than the guys on the pages inside.

"You look at it, you're thinking you're getting a glamorous calendar," she said.

Bill Burns, who is Mr. December, is shown sitting on his cab with his shirt open. He swore he wasn't inebriated for the shot.

**warning: calendar website has AC/DC on blast

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