Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Chicken Advice

Is there a food related Kinja blog? If not, someone should start one because I need some chicken advice.

I have thawed (and desperately need to cook to prevent from spoiling) boneless, skinless chicken breast cutlets and thighs. Two pounds of it have been marinating in a yogurt/vinegar/lemon/mace mixture for two days for chicken shawarma. The other pound of chicken breasts/thighs is unseasoned.


I grilled a few cutlets of the marinated chicken today. It was tasty, but my whole shawarma game is lacking. My newly purchased pita bread is stale and crumbling, and after trying it, I'm not too gung-ho on the idea of putting this meat in a sandwich anyway.

Soooooo, any ideas of what I can do with the marinated and the unseasoned meat? I need to cook it today, tomorrow at the absolute latest. I'm thinking I might grill the unseasoned meat for a chicken caesar salad, but that sounds soooo effing boring. I have no idea what I can use the marinated chicken for (unless I just make "chicken cutlets" which is not a terrible idea, I guess).

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