I just ate a Dagoba Bar—dark chocolate and berries which was quite lovely. It reminds me of how me and my mom would split a Cadberry's Fruit and Nut bar when I was a girl and we were driving to my grandparent's house. I also enjoy the spicy bars, reminding me that chocolate, when it was originally developed in central America, was spicier. And a good dark chocolate with some kick is worth it. (PS. they also have an interesting bacon bar).

Other great moments in Chocolate:

The Ritz in Philadelphia used to have a hot chocolate bar with lots of types of chocolates and fillings. I once stood behind a little girl who ordered one of everything. She had the right idea.

Byrne and Carlson makes the prettiest chocolate ever, with lovely dark chocolate and nuts in an Art Nouveau motif.

I love anything with Cardamom and chocolate cardamom bars are no exception. The Belgians are chocolate (and beer!) geniuses! And Dolfin has this as part of their spice collection. The Earl Grey Tea, Peppercorn and Ginger Flavors have a very interesting and balanced flavor profile.

One fun thing about very dark chocolate is that it has a low sugar content and can be a good treat for people like my brother, who is diabetic. But alternately, the best sugar free chocolate I've found is at Mueller Chocolate in Philadelphia, who is famous for among other things a VERY realistic chocolate heart. Besides sugar free chocolate, they have a variety of sweet treats all made with sugar substitutes.


Finally, there are chocolate stouts, which are a mixed bag. I am a fan of fruitier types of drinks and think you can get thoroughly bizarre on the Chocolate Stout front, you might enjoy the Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout, made by New Belgium Brewery, which is smooth and has a nice coffee flavor with chocolate notes.

Now what about you? Peoples? Tell me about your favorite chocolate treats.