I'm always amazed at the endless fights between Jews, Christians and Muslims because to my mind they are all the same religion worshiping the same god.

It's like three brothers arguing with each other over who loves mom and dad more, while mom and dad would rather them stop vying for popularity and just listen to what they are saying.

First, mom/dad came out and said "hey, here are some practical guidelines for living a useful life! Why don't you follow them!" And Judaism was born.

Some people took the advice, but not enough.

So, mom/dad came back and said "hey, I know it takes a while to learn stuff as you grow up so here's the advice again and some new advice! Think about it, it's really helpful!" And Christianity was born.

More people took the advice but still not enough so mom/dad sent another tutor down who said "hey, you guys are doing OK but you could do a little better! Here are some good things to think about!" And Islam was born.

And what mom/dad and the various tutors said was generally the same things.

"Hey, you live in a really hot place, wearing a head covering will save you from heat stroke."

"Hey, you don't have The Joy Of Cooking yet, so eating pork might make you sick. Best to avoid it."

"Hey, killing each other is a bad idea. Like, seriously, a really bad idea."

"Hey, you haven't created antibiotics or anti-virial drugs yet, so it might be a good idea if you didn't fuck too many people and die of painful STDs."

"Hey, once in a while can you say 'thanks' to mom/dad for giving you good advice. It means a lot to us!"

The biggest difference is that by the time mom/dad were giving advice to people who would eventually become Muslim is that mom/dad wanted to be thanked more often, but after several hundred years of trying to help us out, that seems like a reasonable request. And a lot like human moms and dads.