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Christie & Cuomo, both trying to make sure the Hudson River tunnels fail

“I don’t really know what’s it going to take,” says Susanna Einstein of South Orange, N.J. “I feel like, is it going to be like a tunnel collapse or something? What’s going to happen to make people actually ... speed up the process?”

“It’s especially frustrating knowing that we’ve had a solution for years and years,” says Philip Schweiger of West Orange. “Be nice not to have to wait for everything to fall apart before we fix it.”


There was a plan to add new rail lines under the Hudson River, known as the ARC Tunnel. But that project was cancelled in 2010 by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who said his state was picking up too much of the bill.

Christie now says he supports a tunnel, as long as New York and the federal government pay a fair share.

“If we’re all in this even-steven, if we’re all going to put in an equal share, then let’s go build these tunnels underneath the Hudson River and walk away as equals,” Christie said in an interview last month on WABC radio. “We’re all in equal for the upfront costs, and we’re all in equal for the cost overruns.”

But now it’s the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who seems reluctant to pay for a tunnel — one that Cuomo argues would mostly benefit commuters from New Jersey.


“It’s not my tunnel. Why don’t you pay for it?” Cuomo said to reporters earlier this month. “There’s no moral, legal or ethical reason why the state should be looked at to fund it.”

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