Tonight on Conan Lisa Kudrow was there promoting her excellent series, Web Therapy.

If you've not seen it, Lisa plays an inept and narcissistic therapist who only sees clients online and then only in 3 minute "sessions". It's hilarious.

Conan mentioned that in the 2 years the show has been on air (Showtime) that real web therapy has become a "thing" and Kudrow mentioned that one could even get certified online, then she went on about how shameful it is that untrained, barley certified people are calling themselves therapists. And I thought "I could do that". In all honesty I agree with Ms. Kudrow, but I also know many people tell me I should be a therapist. Both my morals and inherent laziness should keep me on the right path, no fear.

On another note John Oliver mentioned the latest cool sport: Combat Juggling, enjoy