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Written in Ink
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Comment from the 'Metafilter in trouble' article

Its a well disguised post on Web 1.0 natives getting nostalgic about the Wild West days. Here's a good summary of Metafilter's existence,

MetaFilter was great for white yuppie geeks who went to college, got white-collar jobs -mostly involving engineering- that they didn't want to admit were quite boring and then decided to spice up their lives with home improvement projects, home-brewing, molecular gastronomy and forays into bisexuality (if you were a woman), 'polyamory' (if you were not Mormon) and BDSM. Tons of women who like to describe themselves as "smart" and "funny", (whatever the hell that means in a white, female, college-educated yuppie context) who could never please their moms and thusly suffered from anxiety and depression also used MetaFilter to discern which one of their self-absorbed geek boyfriends made for halfway decent marriage material. Others yet wanted to figure out how to continue to call themselves strong and empowered even as they asked for advice on the best position to lay down in while being urinated upon by their 'dom' boyfriends. There was a lot of tough love in the answers, even on innocuous questions about the best camera to purchase or which Costco had those nice, beige-colored Kirkland Signature shirts, presumably because new money Caucasian STEM major yuppies and Millenials see rudeness and harshness as some sort of #RealTalk. Oh also the user interface sucked.

Yesterday 2:18pm


So anyone else miss the Compaq PC with JBL speakers listening to music downloaded from audiogalaxy? Not to get all vaporwave about it but I miss racing on The Great wall of China in Moto Racer the most.

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