Written in Ink
Written in Ink
Illustration for article titled Comment of the Day: R.I.P.

From Greg Samsa:

And cut to black.

Goddamn, man, this hurts. He was great as Tony, great in 'God of Carnage' on Broadway, and great in 'In the Loop'. And would've been great for years to come.


From Brent Rose:

He was an incredibly gifted artist and possessed an openness that made him one of the most relatable actors of our generation. Even if it seemed you had nothing in common with his character, he allowed you connect with and feel for them. I always thought he would play an incredible Willy Loman, and I'm very sad that I'll never get to see it. A rare talent. He will be missed.


From Tristan13:

Jersey strong! R.I.P buddy, see you on the other side.

From 19inarow:

Don't stop, bereavin'.

From MissNormaDesmond:



Shit, shit, shit.

From Chiwawamama:

Sad. That is all.

No need to discuss any further.


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