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And all related drama...

I'm sure Magister will correct me if I have any of this wrong, but to be clear, if you have posting rights in a community, then you also have the ability to follow commenters on behalf of the community in order to ungrey them. Only a moderator can give a person posting rights. Once a person has posting rights, then only the moderator can remove any rights—posting and commenting—from them.


Different communities have different rules for how to handle these things. When I was given posting rights on ODeck, I was warned to be cautious about who I followed for the community and I really pay attention to whether someone will be a good fit there. Here on Crosstalk, I am pretty relaxed about following people if I am either familiar with them or if I can view their commenting history easily. Magister has written frequently about what he envisions for Crosstalk and I feel pretty comfortable doing that here. This is not the case with other forums I have rights on.

Now, the flip side of that is that if someone is a commenter only, we can also unfollow them on behalf of a community. Personally, I find this a pretty tacky thing to do. There are definitely people whom I've been tempted to unfollow. Believe me. And how. But I don't do that because it is a community of people on a free public forum, it is not Owl's Special and Exclusive Hangout Club. Someone mentioned that certain forums have rules regarding not unfollowing people. Whether that is the case here, I don't know but I like to think such things wouldn't happen amongst reasonable Oldz like ourselves.

I feel confident that whatever was going on today was a Kinja issue and nothing more, because it was occurring to people who were already approved authors and Kinja was being glitchy all over the damn place. None of this was intended to stir up more drama. I post it only to clarify and to condense information into one spot.

And also to share this awesome GIF that Croguesberg found.

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