I've pissed a couple of people off by enforcing some kind of unwritten rule about calling other Kinja commenters or communities out by name in a top-level post. I have always felt there's a separation between what is above and below. Though I don't think anyone should get too far out of hand in the comments, they're not accessible to the Kinja search engine, so I'm less judgmental about what the comments contain.

Another thing I've tried to take into consideration is whether the content takes a position and doesn't just point toward someone, or if the post adds something to the conversation.

With all that said and taking advantage of every opportunity to fit in those narrow confines, I'm offering a link to a Clashtalk post which contains a link to something on another blog about a popular Kinja blogger and a member of our community. I'm doing this because I have linked the positive about their success in the past, so I think it's only fair that I link to something which some may consider a negative.

And to continue this line of thought into possible Crosstalk community policy, I'll say that I've wondered a few times whether we should have a policy against forming or promoting a charitable fundraising campaign for an individual Kinja poster. It has happened a couple of times in another community and this is not to say that any of those causes haven't been worthwhile, nor am I accusing anyone of pretending, but I've never understood the point of giving money to bullied bus monitors or slurred waitresses and I think it just gets a lot messier, if we start soliciting donations for someone in the next post.


Any policy thoughts?