I contributed to Gawker's naked grab for cross-network clicks and their hopes for at least a half million in commissions with a plug for the io9 tee. I haven't suggested anything to any of their other grabs and that's not the point of this post. Rather, it's what my comment said about me.

I've read many of the Gawker Media blogs since their inception. This means that I've been reading Gawker for ten years, io9 for about six and the others in-between. Admittedly, I don't look at every blog every day and have gone through waves of which I visit more. I could draw a frequency chart, but it would only be semi-related to my point.

In real life, my every day life, where I interact with people in person or on the phone: io9 is the Gawker Media blog I'm most likely to name. Second might be Gizmodo and I'm not ashamed to name Jalopnik or Lifehacker, it's just easier to reference them otherwise, but whenever I'm forced to say Gawker as a blog or cite Jezebel as a source, it's after a lot of reluctance and then I always watch for recognition, bracing myself for their response.

In my real life conversations, I'd say that Gawker content might come up as often as that from io9, but I always start with calling it "a New York blog" or "the internet" and that's usually enough. While, though I start similarly when talking about something I saw on io9 (a "science" or "sci-fi" blog), I have emailed friends and family members links and would have no problem wearing their tee (except it's blue and I have a lot of blue shirts).

I'm also happy when I find another fan or someone to whom I can recommend the URL.