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Continuous 503 Server Unavailable error, Is it just me? UPDATE2

You are maybe getting flustered and frustrated, like this cat getting ready to take something down. It's likely not your internet service provider, Gawker Media and their ISP. The point of this is your antivirus may be the culprit of interference.

You can read about how to temporarily disable your antivirus program using the available help or company website, and try that first. If that works, find out how to disable SSL scanning which does fix mail server connection issues.


This fix may enable the possibility your computer might be subjected to some of the worst computer infections the Internet has to offer.

UPDATE 1: Kinja outage fixed, thanks Ernie and Team Kinja.

UPDATE 2: everything is working normally.

Edit: removed tag, clarify language/explanation, change title, embolden warning

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