[5:47:39 PM] Rome Girl: why were you telling everyone i was pregnant?!

[5:50:17 PM] Bart Calendar: because you left your phone here and I had 20 euros of credit that will expire in a week

[5:50:24 PM] Rome Girl: lol but you also told my mom?!

[5:50:33 PM] Bart Calendar: so I thought about just texting "I'm pregnant" to your entire phone list

[5:50:37 PM] Rome Girl: LOL

[5:50:45 PM] Bart Calendar: She called while I was formulating the idea.

[5:50:54 PM] Rome Girl: did she have a heart attack?

[5:51:17 PM] Bart Calendar: no. she knew from the way I said it that I was joking.

[5:51:31 PM] Rome Girl: hahhahahaha

[5:51:37 PM] Bart Calendar: she led up to it by saying "I'm worried there is something she isn't telling me."

[5:51:44 PM] Rome Girl: LMAO

[5:51:54 PM] Bart Calendar: so I responded "She's pregnant, but we are fairly sure the baby is white."

[5:52:08 PM] Rome Girl: OMFG YOU DID NOT

[5:52:43 PM] Bart Calendar: She laughed.