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With all due respect, are you gonna let a bunch of mangy fur-brains or wooden-headed fence sitters decide your banner? Hell no. Elections have never gotten us anywhere. Remember this dude?


Yeah, that's what voting gets you. Also, Hitler. Anyway, this ain't no damn democracy, this is Crosstalk. So if you want a badger to run endlessly across your screen, slowly driving you and everyone you know insane, or owl eyes staring at you from the top of the page, staring deep into your soul, staring past your clothes and skin and thoughts into that deepest recess of self where you keep your deepest, darkest fears and secrets, the things you've never told anyone, the things you've never even admitted to your waking self, well fuck kid! Make it happen!

Here's how: We know this isn't a one-person one-vote election, it's one-device one-vote. Obvious discrimination against Surface(tm) users aside, this means you can work, bitch.

Yeah, get on your phone, your tablet, your friends phone, your husband's computer, steal an iPad from an over-privileged preteen, and make it happen.

Want to go farther? Try voting in Chrome Incognito or Firefox Private mode. Instant way to double your votes. Have an itch to cause chaos? Use proxies. VPNs. Set up a rotating IP. Sign up for a hundred burner accounts. Vote from every computer at a public library.

We could have hundreds of vote. Thousands. One dedicated person could hijack this whole system. And I'm all for it. Let the banners hang! Long live the revolution!

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