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Do you have any tips for new New Yorkers or New Yorkers in general, just any tips for living here? (CL): Yeah, I have a great tip, I have a great tip, and you know who told me this tip? The former editor of Page Six, his name was Richard Johnson. And when I first moved back to town in 2009, I had lunch with him at Le Bernardin, I didn't know where he was gonna pick—low profile, high profile—he picked high profile. So I was like, okay what's this about? You know, I gotta get this relationship with Page Six on track because this is stupid, I don't like reading crap about myself everyday, and it worked, you know it's been on track ever since.

But he gave me THE best piece of advice for New York City—he said, 'it's a thirteen mile island, you only want to live in three miles of it, never declare a fatwa on somebody that you can't resolve within a day. And that includes divorces.' I thought that was an incredibly brilliant piece of advice, you know don't start fights in Manhattan that you can't fix, basically... it's too small. You know you're gonna run into that person again, in LA or in rock n' roll, everyone's always slamming each other, you can't do that in New York. We're all crushed in together, we're all gonna see each other all the time. It's best not to pillage somebody, from a reporter's point of view to... you know... I'm actually a really big fan of your site, I put it up before I put up the Daily Beast in the morning, and so that's why I agreed to talk—you can be snarky, but I kinda like that, not evil snarky like Gawker, which is evil—I think somebody might lose their life because of some of the stuff Gawker does.

I mean, they really really hurt people. It's never happened to me, but I've seen friends in the media just really, really hurt by them. People who've said things in private and had those things exposed and I really don't like Gawker, I don't like the Gawker group you know I kind of can't help it—you know I read Jezebel sometimes, because it's pretty well done and I am a feminist, but and xoJane—I love Jane, and she's a dear friend—but sometimes it's a little, 'I peed on a guy and you know its all good!!'


So anyway, that's my great piece of advice about New York, never, ever start a fight.

[via Gothamist]

Updating the old Shangri-Las song lyric, "Hmm, he's good-bad, but he's not evil [snarky]." But the advice about picking fights in NYC is definitely good advice. It's a small town, and holding a grudge is usually counter-productive. (oddly, it's almost impossible to find a photo of CL to accompany something like this without seeming like it's intended to make her look bad; so i didn't insert one)

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