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Cowardly is as cowardly does

So, Tim Armstrong was supposed to be on a panel today at the 'Makers Conference', an event created to celebrate the successes of women. This would be an awkward setting for Armstrong, given his penchant for hating on any women who ever get pregnant without resigning their jobs and eliminating any vestige of health benefits from their lives first. But, it couldn't be helped because his wife works with the Makers team and he couldn't just totally bail, or pretend to have a headache. But he's a chickenshit, and couldn't bear the possibility of anyone asking him questions either. What's a coward to do? Well, if that coward is Tim Armstrong, he has the Makers organizers change the schedule so that he's no longer on any panels, but instead he's trotted out to interview Sam Gordon, a 10-year old girl who is a phemon on the football field. This is kind of an obscene way to take advantage of her accomplishments to camouflage his failings, so of course he must've jumped at the idea. The Makers organizers should be ashamed, obviously, but this is not surprising. A few days ago, in a thread on ValleyWag, Nitasha wondered if anyone at Makers would have the guts to ask him about his baby-hating, pregnancy-firing, employee-despising ways, and I suggested they would not. Sometimes it's awful to be right, but in this case there wasn't a lot of mystery. The organizers of Makers embraced and endorsed Armstrong and his policies and his fake apology, and that's not shocking. But letting him hide behind a 10-year old girl, that's low even for a coward like Armstrong.

There's a great post from Amy Davidson at The New Yorker website about the Armstrong debacle, although it's not about his 'appearance' at the Makers Conference. That we'll have to leave up to Business Insider, of all places:

At the Makers Conferencein Southern California on Tuesday, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong took the stage. But it wasn't to discuss any "distressed babies" that landed him in hot water recently.

In fact, he didn't take any questions at all.

Instead, the Makers Conference shuffled around the schedule a little bit (Armstrong was supposed to talk in one of the morning sessions) so that he could interview Sam Gordon, a now 10-year-old football player who made headlines in 2012 when she made 65 tackles and 25 touchdowns while playing against male teams. Her dad posted a highlight reel on YouTube, which went viral.


Photo credit: The New Yorker

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