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Crazy Town

I finished Crazy Town: the Rob Ford Story. SPOILER ALERT: He smokes crack.

I was disappointed there were no more revelations. If you've followed the story on Gawker, you won't find much new here. Sure, we learn more about his troubled family and Toronto politics (combining the old city of Toronto with the suburbs to create a single mega-city opened the door for Rob Ford to attain city-wide office). But not much else. No discussion of the little feud the Toronto Star had with Gawker over credit for breaking the story.


The author thinks Ford has a decent chance of being re-elected in October. "Crackgate" hasn't hurt his standing among his core constituents, and his approval rating has stayed around 40% despite the scandal.

Overall, a good read if not too groundbreaking. I give it a score of three HGOOBLs. That is, I would choose to read this book three times before reading Horny Ghost of Osama bin Laden once. http://crosstalk.kinja.com/hgoobl-rotg-wo…

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