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Written in Ink
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Crosstalk Court: Crowdfunds for mom who left toddler in hot car?

So, is this crowd funding effort a great idea, or an appalling idea? This Utah mom took her 11-month old girl with her when she dropped off her other two boys at day-care. On the way home, she had to park in an unusual space because of construction near their home. But she had to pee, so she left the toddler in the car and ran home. After peeing (and, presumably, washing her hands) she mis-remembered bringing the toddler inside and putting her down for a nap, and didn't think anything of it until she went back to the car at 1pm to retrieve the boys at day-care. That's when she realized the little girl had been in the hot car the whole time.


Tragic, accident, could've happened to almost anybody. And I'm not calling on society to make the family suffer more than they have (although, tbh, her story does not seem entirely logical, though maybe in her panic and grief logic was in short supply). But it seems strange to me that someone (family or friend, i'm not sure. and i'm not saying the parents themselves did it) set up a crowdfunding page to raise $16,000. And people have donated most of that amount to them. Note that the crowdsourcing page does not say how the child died, only that it's a tragic time for the family, which is undoubtedly true. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about, actually, and in the Internet world I suppose we all think we have to have opinions about every single thing, even though, in reality, we don't have to at all. But am I horrible for even asking this question?

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