I am still trying to read all the responses to my medical records dilemma and amazed at the brilliance and generosity of all of you, but didn't want to wait any longer before thanking you for your help. You are so smart, funny, just awesome. And I don't have cancer, and 9 out of 10 dentists could see a correlation if they tried hard.

Got my test results back today from my new doctor. No thyroid cancer, 10 years out, woot. No surgery or radiation, they'll leave me alone for a year. I'm just extremely hyperthyroid, which is why I was feeling heart attackish and couldn't sleep and have had to take that awful Ambien. My new PA is young and sharp and I love her. She wears granny glasses and admitted it's sad she can't wear hair chalk or nose rings as a doctor. (I was saying the thing I like about being a cancer patient is having no dress code, which means wild dress code.) She knew someone who woke up to find her Ambien-induced husband reciting eulogies over their fish tank. Had no recollection in the morning.

So anyway I have to go back to reading all the responses but THANK YOU! I don't want to be mushy but you all are very nice. :) Oh, and Magister is my hot neighbor. Finally, because all my neighbors are retired Marines in their 80s who hotness is not one of their major attributes these days but they still try to storm me when I go to my mailbox. I am tired of their "maneuvers."

Anyway, I totally appreciate all of you but won't try to call out anyone individually right now because I am still reading. Sorry, I think I'm repeating myself. I was thinking about how to celebrate I am going to H&M and getting a hippy dress and a big floppy hat. They have one right now for spring that looks just like Carly Simon circa the No Secrets album (but without the nip action, don't need to gild the lily)

and then find a red dress like Emma Roberts wore on AHS Coven


and some pink hair chalk

I suggest you do the same. Especially Magister.