Since launching the Crosstalk Twitter account, I've alternated between tweeting just the headline and adding a bit of context. I'm a little torn about adding the text, though it would help with keywords and a Twitter search, but because I'm trying to tweet on behalf of someone else, I've been trying to remain neutral and use only something clipped from the post.

Therefore, because some may feel more strongly than others and to make the Crosstalk Twitter feed better serve the authors, I've come up with a method for those who would like to write their own messages, which I will then tweet.

This post is tagged "140". It will always be accessible via

If anyone would like to write their own tweets, they're welcome come up with their own 140 characters (including the URL) and paste them in a direct reply to this post, so that all I have to do is copy and paste. If after at least ten minutes, I don't receive a notification for a suggested tweet, then I'll do as I've been doing and tweet the title, plus sometimes, maybe a few words.

The easiest way to measure the characters would be to tweet the post yourself using the handy Twitter option under "share", then when you have the right phrasing, pull up this post via tag 140 or a browser bookmark and paste or embed a copy of the tweet in a reply to this post.


The only whatever that I ask is that you try to avoid "I" and "we" because just like I try to be careful when speaking for you, the Twitter is intended to represent us.

Also, any hashtags you'd like to incorporate could help others find your posts.