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Written in Ink
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Crowdsourcing Kinja

Kinja is both a commenting system and blogging platform. Because our posts to Crosstalk are a type of blogging, we have experience with that aspect. I know that I have suggestions for the platform. How about you?

A few weeks ago, I put together a short list of suggestions regarding the blogging part of Kinja. This list was shared to ObservationDeck by someone who subscribes to my Kinja and I later linked it to Sasstalk (formerly Clashtalk) myself. Along the way, others were kind enough to add suggestions of their own, now it's three weeks later and I've always had a few more.


Off the top of my head...

  • I'd like more control over how the content is displayed. For example, try as I might, I can't get anything padded or centered and because Kinja ignores height and width on everything, I've yet to try anything involving inline images.
  • All of our personal Kinjas are like tiny little Crosstalks. The best I can tell, it appears to be as @nobody explained: Which images or videos go big is based on an algorithm involving recommends, so if something is shared from a larger community — and there's not a lot smaller than a person's individual blog — it could easily go big.

    While I can certainly understand why you'd want some of your own or in-house stuff, such as that which originates from within a community to be featured, I don't know how often you'd want it for something that has been shared from someplace else.
  • Enlargeable or pop-out images: Gawker hosts all of the images, so I can see why they'd want to limit bytes, but if one posts a chart or document scan, it may need to go larger. (This appears to have been resolved since the post)
  • And if I may add one about comments, but how they relate to blogging: the new context menu which pops-out from "edit" offers the option to share the comment. Of course it's only offered for fifteen minutes, but that's okay. What I'd like to suggest is that they put "edit" back at the top because it will be used more often than share.

If anyone would like to add any more suggestions toward the blogging aspect of Kinja, including the post submission interface, please feel free to add or link them from the comments. I believe that I have this post properly tagged and of course there can always be lurkers, but I'll also email a link to this post on Monday to certain that at least one person sees it.

As for the commenting aspect of Kinja, if someone would like to create a post of their own, feel free. Otherwise, I'm going to leave the subject for another day.


Update: @Greg has posted a great formatting resource, here.

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