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Curious to Start Cosplaying Orphan Black

So I'm interesting in putting together a cosplay outfit for a character in Orphan Black. Mrs. S. She's mostly overlooked by fans. There are things that are driving me batty about it. For one, I can't find any good pictures. And two, if I dared to google "flannel shirt" or "Mrs. S. costuming" I end up with some wackadoo results. I did find the management company for the head costumer and asked if perhaps she would answer questions from fans.

I've got two pictures from the internets (mainly because most of the fan attention is devoted to other cast members). I'll attach them below.

But if you cosplay and can point me into any direction at all I'd appreciate it. If you'd even let me know that I am going in the right direction— just need more research I'd appreciate it.


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