I can't do this anymore.

I enjoy Gawker articles and especially love reading the streams of interesting conversations which flow down from them. That's what this Kinja platform is all about, right?

But in the midst of these fabulous conversations, there will suddenly be a thought all greyed out and amputated. Not only is the text like mist I strain my eyes to drive through, but you have to look away and find the spot to click on a spot in the box so you can read the rest. Often they've included a colorful photo or fun gif and it BLINDS with its ungrayness!

The entire convo train comes to a crash and goes off the rails a moment while I refocus. In that moment I have a chance to reflect. And I think why is this person gray? And then I remember that I'm gray, too, and I don't know why, so why am I full of why? For my own part I could have said any number of obnoxious things for which one might need to be banned. But who hasn't? Obviously I still hang around and chat, but everything I write has a screen across it, like this is a production of Our Town and I'm the past you're trying to forget. Whatever, many of the other the gray commenters are thoughtful and worth reading, and some of the black commenters windy and inane. So explain that. None of it makes sense. Gawker has become the Universe.

And an imperfect Universe, one which parts people. It's especially interesting that the distinctions are evident in the color and visibility of posters. Seems very Sociology 101 experiment, no?


The Crosstalk Book Club, of which I am technically a charter member, is reading Animal Farm. (Shhh, don't tell them I'm grey, they might white me out!) As I read Orwell's masterpiece I can't help but be reminded of commenters, those gray and not so gray, all braying in the same barnyard, some loud as roosters, some clever as Compsons, some small and tiny and gray and meep meep....

I read your explanations, John Cook, for why some voices can be heard and others must be stifled. And why some should be banned but how if they crawl to the top of Mt. Denton they can seek absolution and maybe someday, wink wink, their dreams will come true. And how a crowd of virtual bouncers will decide who's the right fit and who's just too this or too that or not enough of whatever to post, just not comment.

I should be grateful I can even type this in here, right? Unless you spike this blog, which has happened before.


I'm gone, though. I come here to read and discuss, not face existential dilemmas. Neither do I think that reading and discussing should ever need to be a popularity contest in a sane society. But that's just little me. The Book Club, etc., will go on without my shady self.

I hope you let this post stay up though. Let this thread be the Gawker Sheremetyevo for gray commenters. You have tons of commenters who are constantly in turmoil about this. Maybe that's all part of the plan, to have the commentariat crossing swords? I think they should get to talk about it if you're going to continue treating them like lessers. A place where they can seek asylum while they sort out whether they have anything left to say here.

whatever, twee's outie. y'all stay gray.