We've all experienced it. The constant texter, the over drinker/alcoholic, the "chews with mouth open guy", etc.

What's your date from hell story? Even if we wouldn't tell a living soul the full details, consider this a safe space to share. So please share every gut wrenching, skin crawling embarrassing detail below. I'll start off, and get things rolling: (Sorry in advance if it's too long, as I tend to ramble on)

Many years ago, before Internet dating was really big, there was Something called chat-line dating. You would call a local number up, and chat with strangers in various "rooms".

After sending a few messages back, and forth with a guy we decided to meet. I had never slept with a Black guy(even till this day. Yes, I'm Black, but me not sleeping with Black men is another story), and was incredibly curious. I'm sure he wanted to meet with the sole purpose of having sex, but I left it a bit open. I wanted I see if the vibe was right before we had sex.

I drive over to his home, and we introduce ourselves. He wasn't bad looking. Not my type, but not bad looking. Short, average build, milk chocolate complexion, with dreads.


After chatting on the porch for a few minutes we go up to his apt. He asks if I wanted to watch a movie, and I say ok. He gave me a tape, and asked me to put it in the VCR. It was one of those tapes you would use to record TV show's, so I assumed we were about to watch a TV show, or movie he recorded off of the television.

I pop the tape in, we sit on the couch. Boy was I in for a big surprise. You see, the tape I put in turned out to be a cheaply made porno. I was a bit nervous that only a few minutes of meeting each other he was already playing pornos, but I knew what I was getting myself into, and wasn't too surprised by it either.

"So were gonna watch a porn I see? Cool...cool" I say in my head, trying to cal myself down. He slowly places his arm behind my neck using that lame yawn move as he relaxes, and sinks into the sofa. I'm still nervous, and I sitting on the edge of the sofa as if I were about to leave refusing to get comfortable.


The video didn't show the man's face too clearly. It was from the guy's POV showing the girl giving him head.

He then asks "so what so you think about what you see?" I replied honestly. I said "honestly I don't know why this guy is even working as a porn actor...his dick is small as HELL!!! I mean why show off your dick if it's so small?" He just gave a quiet "oh", and said nothing else. We continue looking at the tape, and I'm not even looking paying any attention to the sex. I'm looking around the room at the decor, and it looks familiar. I look at the decor in the sex tape, and look around the room I'm in again. I went back, and forth from the tape to the room a few more times. Then it hit me! HE IS THE GUY IN THE TAPE!" I immediately feel like shit for my previous comment about the small dick.

I made up some excuse, I forgot what it was, just to turn the tape off. Being a hot day in mid-July he suggested we go to his room, and lay under the A/C. I agree to go, and I'm sure he assumed the deed was going down, but I didn't tell him I was still undecided.


Eventually we start to make out, but our clothes remained on, just heavy kissing. He then asks "if I'm ready?" By then I made up my mind it wasn't gonna happen, and I tell him no to sex. The tape had turned me off. I'm not a size queen at all, but even erect, his dick was small, 4/5 inches max. It could have looked small due to the camera angle , but it's doubtful.

He used every trick in the book to get me to change my mind. But the silliest one was "let me just stick the tip in" I never understood the rational behind that type of statement. Many of my girlfriends told me men have used this line on them too when they were trying to get sex from a girl who wasn't in the mood. I mean, if you're gonna stick the tip in you might as well go all in.

Well after a few more attempts at changing my mind he gave up. And I went home to never talk to the guy again.


While my story wasn't a date in the typical sense, I though it was a bit hellish, or silly enough for inclusion.

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