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Written in Ink
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dear crosstalk,

Crosstalk, from your personal experiences...

Would it bother you if you saw a 24 year old as an assistant branch manager at a bank? Why would it if so?


Part two, I just got a call back for an ABM position within my bank. I am currently a procedural specialist in my bank for our branches. I miss direct face to face contact.

I am completely nervous as I haven't interviewed for a while. This position is something wonderful for me, so I am trying to have answers to any questions that may arrive.


The one question that populates for me is age.

Also? What's good to wear? Monochromatic colors? Slacks? Skirts with tights?

This would take me up a huge notch (another level I have never been before) in my career so is standard business attire the best?

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