As you might know, I recently applied for a full time job at one of the institutions where I currently teach part time.

My application made it past the first round and part of the committee observed a class today. Yay, hooray, yada, yada, yada.

Tomorrow, I'm set to do the big ass interview and turn in a portfolio. I think the interview will go well (fingers crossed) but I have a question about the gott-dang portfolio:

They list a handful of requirements for the portfolio and end that list by saying "and anything else you think is representative of your teaching." That's where they getcha, right?

A teaching philosophy is NOT part of the requirements and, as part of the original app, I've already answered many (if not all) of the questions one would expect to be answered on a philosophy. So, they already know this stuff... do I write up a new document that will be redundant? Or skip it and pray that's ok?


UPDATE: So, as I sat in front of the computer last night I had this revelation of WTF am I doing? I figured I could sit here moping and stressing or I could just write the damn thing. So I did! I think it turned out pretty well and I got some newer stuff in there since the app itself is about a month old.

I had the interview today and I think it went pretty well! Thanks to everyone who chimed in—y'all had some good advice and acted as the kick in the butt I needed.