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Dear People Who Talk On News: Stop Being On TV Shows

Seriously. Stop. It completely gives up the thin conceit that what they do isn't just badly scripted theater.

What prompted this? Seeing Rachael Maddow on House of Cards doing her schtick. I stopped watching cable news a few years ago but when I was all caught up in the pundit game I suppose Rachael was my favorite. Yes she has a dignity about her untouched by many, if not 99% of the paid talking heads on cable news, but if I had my choice the people would Robespierre all political pundits so we can actually have real conversation over sensationalist nonsense which is pedaled almost wholesale by the pundit class. A class which enjoys an unprecedented amount of leeway for their 'expertise' for the little to no work they do for the American people or the political process itself. They're the snake oil salesmen of the political arena: profiting off the ills while giving nothing in the way of a cure.

So I guess I'm saying give the job to an actor who needs it, not one that already has a big job, book deals, a column, a blog, a vlog and a presence on Twitter. They don't need the work. They've hustled the American people enough.

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