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Deer Antler Painting, Because That's a Thing Now

Groupon is pushing a BYOB class to paint ethically sourced deer antlers, ladies and gentlemen, our lives are officially beyond parody.

Seven people have actually plunked down $42 whole dollars so they can bring along a bottle of Brooklyn gin, some biodegradable cups made of corn and bedazzle deer antlers.


There are 18 (!) different sections, to fit anyone’s schedule. Are we that bored as a society? Does adding “ethically sourced” in front of any word make it into a cool kid thing? Do you get just paint or can you coat that thing in sequins and Swarovski crystals? Has Martha Stewart been made aware that this is a thing?

Afterwards, maybe they will tie the antlers to their heads and reenact primitive winter summoning rituals, and that boys and girls is where snow comes from.

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