Republicans are nuts and Democrats are pussies. This is scientific law. There has been much chatter about losing the Senate this year. If this becomes so, Democrats deserve to. The Surgeon General nominee is getting railroaded by fellow Democratic Congresspeople because they're afraid of their gun owning constituents. Not many up for reelection are running on Obamacare, even though the individual parts of the plan are very popular. So Democrats are pussies.

And the citizens are dumb and bad. It's their fault midterm elections don't get too many voters. The Republican faithful vote, but, as mentioned, the party is crazy and the voters think they're the only solution to America's socialist problems. Where are the Democratic voters? Where all all the people who don't vote? Democracies are interactive—they take work from the citizens. In times of crisis especially. When will Americans get that they have power, that they can make their country better, that the depressing cycle of cynicism and corruption and destructiveness can end, but only if they choose to end it.

But no, they won't. Not until things get much worse. When more people feel poverty. When more wars are begun. So, go ahead, let the Senate turn red, let Obamacare be repealed, let Rand Paul become our next president, and see what happens. Darkest before the dawn.