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Dental Dams - Can We All Finally Admit That Using Them Is A Myth?

Seriously. I know we were all taught in high school that if you go down on a woman you should put a dental dam over her privates - but nearly nobody does this. Why perpetuate this myth?

Over the years I've asked dozens of lesbian friends if they have ever used a dental dam or ever had a single partner who suggested a dental damn. Not one of them had ever used or or even considered using one.

I have yet to ever in my life hear about a sudden chronic outbreak of any STD in the lesbian community.


The only thing I can see happening by society pretending that more than 1 percent of people who give head to women use dental dams is to make young lesbians super paranoid after their first sexual experiences. (In fact, part of me wonders if the myth of dental dams is perpetuated by the patriarchy to make lesbian sex seem scary to younger women.)

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for safer sex - but no sex is 100 percent safe and honest discussions about what people really do in the bedroom seem a lot more constructive to me than fostering some mythos about women covering their clits in latex before they get eaten out.

Even the San Francisco City Clinic - one of the most paranoid about STD websites on the planet - admits that there is little to no risk in performing unprotected cunnilingus.

I mean, sure there is a super tiny chance of getting oral herpes from cunnilingus, but you can also get that from deep kissing someone and I've never heard of anyone wrapping latex around their partner's mouth before giving them a French kiss.


So, can we please put the dental dam myth to rest?

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