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Written in Ink
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Did Neil deGrasse Tyson Respond to a Kinja Invite?

I don't know if this is real. It looks to be and his museum does have a Kinja, plus Nick Denton did just get married in his planetarium, but it appears that Neil deGrasse Tyson responded yesterday to a Kinja Invite from Jalopnik blogger Michael Ballaban about a question regarding his math from a series of May tweets.

Because deGrasse Tyson replied to Ballaban's invite, you have to scroll a bit on this curated share to find his numbered list. Again, I don't know for sure that it's him, but it is whomever's second Kinja comment, both of which were made to posts about the noted scientist.


Update: Michael and Joel are both treating this as real and NdT has not denied via Twitter.

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