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Written in Ink
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Dish Kangaroo/Give Your Kids Mother's Little Helper

So, shall we start a Kinja bloggerific about commercials that make us all thinking and shit?


I nominate this one. Everyday, my terrible habit has me wondering if anyone else has similar reactions.

Pro: Talking stuffed Kangaroo

Con: Real children who are placated by some possibly mindless crap.

I expect some hardcore backlash. Still, I just want to Kinja a "commercials worth analyzing" blog-dididy-blog.


***I would LOVE some input for the name of the blog*** WTF Commercial?

LOVE you all.

I mean, why is this black cloud dogging this poor woman?

But wait, there are so many more! This one kind of get to me.

Wait. Let me have a backyard party. My kids love me again.

Pro: Woman with really sad now has a pill and a rather happy Letter A following her around.


Con: She's not looking exactly happy with the whole situation.

/don't mind me. I've just been thinking about how commercials freak me out.

Pro: Woman explaining to a man that body wash is a sex thing

Con: Guy goes bazonkers. Like, pulling a vehicle with his teeth.

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