After years of watching soccer and tennis as my only sports fix (I'm not American) I decided to this year start go back to my kiddom and watch basketball again. So I am viewing Game 3 of the Finals, with the Spurs surprising up almost 20 at Miami. Okay, time to take a little break—it's only the 2nd Quarter—and , hey, there's The Last Word about Eric Cantor's stunning upset, and there's a doctor on Entertainment Tonight giving his opinion on Tracy Morgan's injuries. He has an estranged mother who loves him. So I can do other things, instead of watching the game right? As exciting as that may be.

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If you're not a big sports guy like I am, basketball is great because usually you need only watch the final minutes when the game is decided. It's not like tennis where the final has no influence on it, when Nadal is already up two sets. Soccer, believe it or not, has had things come down to the wire. I remember a Euro when the Turkish team kept making last minute goals and wins in their games.

But, loving sports means living a happier life, I have a vague notion of. If I followed all sports, all American sports—not only basketball but football and baseball and why not, hockey—I would have a richer life. So maybe that's why people watch entire games (and drink). I should do that!