My MIL is... something.

Sooo, a couple of months ago, she got impatient with my BIL. She apparently tried to call him a few times and he didn't pick up (he was eating dinner, so I can't imagine why she would become so impatient, so quickly but she did). After calling him a few times in a short amount of time without him picking up or returning her calls, she had this brilliant idea: she left a voicemail saying she'd been in a bad car accident and was on her way to the ER.

Yup. That happened.

When he finally finished dinner and listened to her messages, he called his sister in a panic, thinking their mom was on an operating room table or something. SIL told him, no, Mom's not at the ER, I was just at her place. BIL was (to my way of thinking, justifiably) livid and wouldn't talk to MIL for a few weeks.

Like I said, it's been a couple of months, so things have been a bit smoother recently, to everyone's relief.

Then, today, MIL fell and broke her wrist, really, really badly. HomeyHeart had to call his brother, in case BIL didn't believe their mom's text about the wrist.

And I, perhaps callously, thought, This might be a bit of Karma for the "cute little trick" of a couple months ago.


Am I horrible? Is this really Karma? Have you seen Karma at work in your lives?

Make me feel better for thinking this way!