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Written in Ink
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Does Obama Think Winter Is Coming?

Recently the New York Times revealed that Game Of Thrones is one of Obama's favorite shows. Has anyone considered what effect this might have on his climate change policies?

Isn't that the follow up question you'd ask if you were the reporter interviewing him? If he believes winter is coming will that cause him to change his carbon credits position?


A recent ad for Season Four of the show says that "There is no shelter from the storm." Could that prompt him to cut the FEMA budget - a crucial agency when it comes to climate change?

Will it cause him to become worried that people in Mexico and South America might try to flee climate change to the point where we need to build a wall manned by celibate former criminals to keep them out? Do you want your tax dollars paying for these men in black?


Beyond that - think of the other implications. Could he decide to go back to the old Cold War philosophy of "Better Dead Than Red?"

This is the news we need to know - but the mainstream media won't share it with us.


Isn't it our duty to find out the truth?

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