Is it just me, or is the DOJ/AP "scandal" not a scandal and not something to get particularly upset about?

1) The DOJ got a subpoena for the AP's phone records. Wasn't the whole upset about the FISA wiretapping business because subpoenas and judicial oversight were not required? The DOJ is getting judicial oversight here, right? Why is everyone upset?

2) The DOJ is investigating people leaking classified information. Leaking classified information is illegal. The DOJ has to investigate illegal activity, right? This wasn't even a whistle blowing situation where someone was leaking information about corruption or wrongdoing.

3) People are saying that the DOJ is trying to intimidate the AP. How is the AP being intimidated? The DOJ didn't say that the AP shouldn't publish the information they received. They aren't threatening to arrest the journalists who wrote the story. They aren't threatening the AP to do or not do anything. They are using the AP phone information as evidence to find or as evidence against the government workers or contractors who illegally leaked classified information.

As near as I can tell, media people are angry because media people are adjacent to the investigation. They aren't even the targets of the investigation. I'm having a hard time seeing the validity of their concerns.