...but he waaaaahnts to do it without a primary! He will ONLY serve if... I dunno, a whole PARADE of people march up 5th Avenue, chanting WE WANT TRUMP! WE WANT TRUMP!

In an indescribably fellating interview on a local radio station, Trump plays coy, citing that he will only run "if the Republican Party of New York unites behind one
candidate who can win."

As for the talk show host, police recently confiscated a semi-automatic handgun from him after he was spotted stalking around his backyard in the middle of the night. He claimed a tree was an FBI agent (disproved when one of the officers hit the tree with a stick); when the police pointed out that there were no footprints in the snow, he replied that the "agents have special shoes that leave no tracks {in the snow}."

The host has been blasting Andrew Cuomo on air and thinks that Cuomo is so intimidated by his dissidence that the state is carrying on a "$40,000 a day operation" against him.

If you want to vomit (don't say you weren't warned), listen to him begging Trump to run and save the state for the GOP.

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WBEN Interview with Donald Trump

Donald Trump is appearing here (Buffalo) for a fundraiser — coincidentally being held at THE tackiest venue in the city (think: electric grapevines).


Can't make this shit up.