(Posting a little early as I am battling a head cold and may take a nap before showtime.)

Opening a thread again for those live streaming the current season of Downton Abbey on iTV at 4:00 p.m. EST/9:00 p.m. GMT. (Go to myiplayer.eu -> British flag -> iTV.) Excluding the Christmas episode, this is the penultimate episode of Series Four and rumors abound*, including possible show departures for Hugh Bonneville and Maggie Smith.

Last week: It was a Lady-Off as the Dowager and Isobel duked it out over the King of Sweden's letter opener. Mopesley finally found gainful employment. Anna and Norman Bates had an unpleasant dinner in town because everything is all about him. The Mentalist got kind of rapey with that chick that Daisy hates. The Tall Guy was accepted for an internship with the kitchen at the Ritz and split. Mrs. Patmore shared that Rudolph Valentino gives her shivers all over, horrifying Carson's imagination. Edith is pregnant with a married man's (and possibly Nazi-in-Training's) baby. Gay Dracula smoked and plotted. Cousin Oliver got caught kissing the black singer in the servants kitchen by Mary. Isis remained adorable.

*i.e., The Guardian recap comments section.