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Written in Ink
Illustration for article titled E-Cigarettes How do they work? Is that even what theyre called?

First post. I hope I'm doing it right.

I started smoking as a girl not much older than the one pictured above (assuming I'm posting correctly). It was the 70s so not that odd at the time and mostly just taking a few from my parents when I had sleepover parties. Fast forward 35 years. I'm still doing it. Please help me stop. I quit for ten years when I had kids. Started again for two years, off for five years etc.. I've been smoking now for four years. It's smelly and I spend the first 15 minutes of my morning making gross noises.


I don't actually want to quit because nicotine is amazing but would like to give up the actual cigarettes. I tried Nicorette for one day. One of the worst experiences of my life, I sweat, shook and used the bathroom too much. I would like to try the e-cigarettes but I'm worried about a replay of the Nicorette experience.

If anyone has too much time on this beautiful Saturday night (I heard the moon is beautiful) and would like to explain the process or offer some tips I would really appreciate it.

I'm going to press publish now. Hope this works.

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