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Written in Ink
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Early Valleywag

I hope that I'm not beating a dead horse — here's the archive of Hamilton Nolan's early Gawker posts as a reward — but I took a couple of minutes this morning to reconstruct early Valleywag using yesterday's Kinja archive trick.

Prior to Owen Thomas' turn as EIC, Valleywag was a one person operation. It began under Nick Denton's byline, then was taken over by Nick Douglas, who was publicly relieved of his command and demoted, while Nick Denton stepped back into Valleywag.


By the time Denton had reclaimed Valleywag, they were using tags to tell the servers where to serve the content and instead of limiting the results of his personal Valleywag tag to just the posts prior to Owen Thomas, I'm including the more recent because it's really just one "More Stories" click to get back to June of '07.

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