It's called Pascha. Although I quit religion when I was sixteen, Pascha was always fun. The forty days leading up to sucks, because Orthodox Christians are serious when it comes to fasting during Lent: no dairy, no wine (alcohol), no oil, and no meat. I am sure I could create some yummy dishes now that follow the rules, but all I remember was eating bland and basic lentil stew for forty days.

But the Pascha celebrations were a blast. The actual service starts around 11pm on Saturday night, with the church all dark (we are still mourning the death of Christ), when around midnight everyone leaves the church in a march of sorrow (or something). At midnight you renter the church and all the lights are on with millions of flowers. Christ has risen! Glorify Him! (this is shouted in nearly every language). Then two and a half hours of a boring liturgy.

Now onto the celebrations: huge Easter baskets filled with all the foods you haven't been able to eat. Lots of vodka. And I mean lots of vodka (we went to a Russian church). Huge bowls filled with dyed red hard-boiled eggs. What you are supposed to do with them is knock them together with another person, and whomever's egg isn't crack will have good will for a year (it's like an Easter wishbone). The kids would just throw the eggs at each other. And get drunk on vodka, because the adults are all hammered and couldn't care less.