Reading HamNo's post on the NYTimes editorial changes, I thought I'd see how Gawker handled similar changes on its own site. I found Remy's farewell post and wanted to share it because, well, it's fun to see some of the old commenter names on here, it's funny to think his departure was no more explained on Gawker than Abramson's was by the Times, and it's kind of hilarious to see some commenters who are β€” on that day and that day only β€” thrilled to see AJ taking over Gawker, usually because they think he did such a great job running Jezebel for one day (and one day only). Anyway, this is a memory lane trip, but it's a trip nonetheless. And Brian re-stars someone whose star was taken away by Remy.

(PS: the next-to-last comment is odd. Also, it's still annoying that we can't start a new comment thread about this original post. I've created a new post here, just for commenting on this one, without having to comment directly on Remy's original post).