Mom, I can't imagine how much it must hurt you to have Charlene (my birth mom) suddenly make a comeback. I hope you understand that the only reason I'm dealing with her is that I think it would be shitty to blow off a woman in her 70s who is probably dying (she has not said this, but since she isn't asking me for money this the most likely reason she's bothering someone she couldn't be be bothered with dealing with for roughly 28 years.) I want to make it clear that you are the mom I love. You are the one who was there to take me to the hospital when I had seizures. You were the one who was there at my 8th grade graduation, my high school graduation and my Bard graduation. You were there at my wedding. You are my mom. Charlene is a stranger. I don't even know what she looks like. If she wants to talk to me, fine, I'll talk to her because it would be cruel not to. And you did not raise me to be cruel. You and I both know that the reason she's emailing now is that she suddenly realized she had a great son she blew off decades ago. And, guess what, one of the reasons I'm a great son is because of you.