I'm sure some have noticed that some posts have enlarged images or videos on the Crosstalk index page. You've probably also noticed that (primarily in other communities or group blogs) some headlines are an outlandish size. Here's how that works and how you can use it too...

The first thing that should be established is that you are the administrator of your Kinja. Anything I can do in Crosstalk, you can do to posts published to your Kinja, but it will only appear that way on your Kinja and will not carryover when a post is shared. I'm hoping that by explaining this it will help you better curate your Kinja, plus help me keep Crosstalk attractive and make it easier to promote your posts.

Basically, any image 640px or wider can be embiggened and the same is true for any Youtube or Vimeo. They don't have to be the first illustration for your post; they could be at the bottom or sometimes I'll pick one from the middle.

There are certain limitations though, which I take into consideration.

First of all, I'm not going to embiggen anything that's rude or NSFW. You can embiggen them for things posted to your own Kinja and you can put another image at the top to be thumbnailed on a share, but I'm not going to embiggen an unwrapped penis for Crosstalk.

I'm also not going to embiggen long images. I haven't figured out a ratio, but I personally consider Vines a chore to scroll past, so it's not going to be anything nearly that long. Pretty much, landscape mode is what I'd prefer.


The image also has to be welcoming and just as important to me, because embiggening does away with the front page character limit and it puts the whole first paragraph on the index page in its entirety, I don't want the first paragraph to be super-long and I'd like an image that goes along with its content. Again, it doesn't have to be the first image, but I'm more willing to embiggen a pic that's either too good to pass up or that goes along with the first paragraph's content, which is of a reasonable size.

Also, I'm not going to embiggen a pic that would enable a big wall of caps and when it comes to videos, I lean away from those with a super-blurry still or just an album cover. There has to be a reason that I'm featuring it on the front page.

And finally (at least for now) regarding embiggened content: Sometimes two embiggens don't go together or it might seem like too many embiggens in a group. The easiest thing for me to do is to only embiggen one or none, but I have once or twice stuck the "post" post between or I've moved something else in that slot and at least once, I embiggened one during the night and the one above it, the next morn.


To embiggen images on your own Kinja, you have to post to it and again, shares can not be embiggened. A share will display as it always has. (This also means that I can't embiggen shares from the other communities. If you want me to embiggen it, you have to post it here and it should also be noted that I'm not promising to embiggen anything)

To embiggen a pic or video on your own Kinja, run your mouse over the qualifying images and click the star which appears. You can also unclick your choice or click another qualifying image until it looks the way you'd like.

To embiggen a headline on your Kinja, you just have to recommend it yourself. I'm not a big fan of the font size; I don't want to show favorites and don't want everything in my sidebar, so for the most part, I've really only recommended some of the posts about Crosstalk and Gawker Media. There have been some posts which I've personally wanted to recommend or to have listed in my sidebar, but there's that whole favorites thing, plus the headlines were longer than 42 characters, so they'd spill onto a second line.


Any questions?

The short version is that pics must be 640px or wider; I'm not promising anything and though headlines can be embiggened anywhere (including shares or on your own blog from a Crosstalk post), I haven't really been using them on Crosstalk.

Edit: Since publication, the image width has been changed to 636px.