Encouraged from some of the Gawker commentariat, I've decided to take on the cause of having an illegal nightclub, that's being run out of a residential 3 unit building in my neighborhood for the past 2+ years, shut down. I hope this is an appropriate place to post my plea. A link to the YouTube video is located at the bottom. Additional videos detailing more illegal activity at the illegal club will be uploaded on a regular basis until the owners and/or city shuts them down permanently!!!

"The residential 3 family dwelling located @ 158-160 Homestead Ave Hartford, Ct. They are engaging in illegal behavior, and has been operating as an "Illegal After Hours Nightclub" which serves the purpose of entertaining patrons when the regular licensed/legal nights clubs have closed for the night. This illegal club normally closes after 3:30-4am. This illegal activity have been going on for more than a year. The illegal activity includes:

-Using residence for operation not allowed by residential zoning, -Charging cover charges to those that wish to enter premises . -Disobeying local noise ordinances. -Accepting taxable income in form of cover charges, and alcohol sales. without reporting to State & Federal authorities. -Exceeding inhabitants allowed by local fire safety codes. -Illegal gambling. And most importantly: - Selling alcohol without proper permits.

The city, state licensing boards, local fire inspector, police chef, all relevant local/state law enforcement, and Department of Revenue Services have been notified of this activity. The neighborhood will not stop posting until they are shut down permanently. Please spread the word.

Please forward this link.

(excuse the video quality. I'm a noob with using my iPhone video recorder)

Have you ever had to deal with neighbors from Hell? If so, how did you deal with it?