Written in Ink
Written in Ink

So far I haven't gotten into the Ender's Game boycott movement because having not read the book I felt like I didn't have a horse in the race. But, at this point the discussion of it on Facebook, Live Journal, CNN, Drudge, etc... has gotten to the point where I feel like, maybe, my view on boycotting art in general is one I want to get out there.

And here it is - the asshole percentage in people who create interesting art is so high that if you were to boycott everyone who wrote a book, made an album, did a painting, whatever, that is an asshole you'd be denying yourself beautiful things to the point where you would be hurting yourself more than the shitfucker artists.

Art we love and that makes us happy enriches us on a much deeper scale than any amount of money the asshole may get from us. Sure, the dickbadoobe may get five bucks when I buy his or her album, but I get years of pleasure out of that album. Why should I deny myself a lot of the things I find beautiful in my life just to keep their creators from getting a tiny amount of money?

I would guess that if I eliminated everything made by scumbags from my life my life would be at least 80 percent emptier.

Just a quick survey of assholes that have created things that would make my life worse if I refused to listen to, look at, read their art.

Axl Rose. Wife beater, gay basher, complete douche. But fuck do I like Guns 'N Roses songs.

Hetfield/Ulrich - One hunts bears and hangs out with Vlad Putin. The other is currently the business partner of Sean Parker - even though he tried to bankrupt Parker during the whole Napster thing. Master Of Puppets is still a pretty good album.

James Ellroy. Used to sneak into the bedrooms of 13 to 15 year old girls, steal their underwear and jerk off onto their beds. Still love to read White Jazz.

Brett Easton Ellis. A man who is clearly gay not because he likes men, but because he hates women. Less Than Zero is still a brilliant, haunting novel.

Mick Jagger. If you read Keith's autobiography it makes it clear that Mick is a sexist, racist, homophobic women beater. But, hell, Sticky Fingers is wonderful.

Pete Townsend. Dude likes to jerk off looking at pictures of little boys. A violent drunk. I'm still going to listen to The Who.

Courtney Love. Shot up heroin while pregnant. That doesn't make "Doll Parts" a bad song.

Glen Danzig - It would take thousands of blog posts to sum up how much of a douchecanoe he is. The Misfits still rock.

The bottom line - artists are more often than not complete and total shitbirds, but their art improves our lives. So, feel free to tell them to fuck off, but don't deny yourself the beauty of what they have created.

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