The ratio of spellings to "phonemes" in English is quite high and you can have several different spellings assigned to a sound. Then you take a syllable which can have five-plus different sounds and you've got a jelly bean jar of permutations to choose from: sphinx, but why not sfynks?

I understand that one function is to differentiate words by their "etymology", distinguish "homophones", etc. Yet coverage of ambiguities is inconsistent; English orthography is the Sprint of spelling systems. I'm sure I've read one of Max Read's posts on the subject...

Let's quietly quit this madness. Here's my (revised) proposal (the slightly older one referred to by Xyl0c41n3 is here.):

I'm not a linguist, so excuse any mistakes I make in describing the sounds.

Here are two samples of text I made under preceding but similar revisions to my "system". One if from "Anna Karenina". The other is from "Kafka on the Shore".


Of course this has been attempted many times before, but I owe it to myself to voice support for it on Crosstalk. Also, Kinja sites are really white now. I used a color picker to see whether I needed to change the background of my image and it was pure white, whereas a few weeks ago I'd have sworn on my life it was a greyish beige.