Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Hi Ernie! Now that we've been living with Nu-Kinja for a couple weeks, I'd like to suggest some minor feature updates, and I have a few questions. I'm sure other people may have some suggestions. as well

  • Please provide the ability to make "All Replies" the default for every story. Those of us who like to read all the comments find having to click it every time an annoying, minor obstacle.
  • Please include the number of comments in a thread somewhere.
  • Please provide the ability to collapse a thread somewhere other than at the very bottom. Collapsing a thread after we've already had to scroll to the bottom of a very long thread is kind of pointless.
  • What does the "invite" function do? Why would we use it?
  • It seems that authors and the starting commenter on the top thread is designated the "Host." What is the purpose of that designation? Do hosts get superpowers?
  • Even though it's not a change from the old Kinja, it is really confusing reading a thread in chronological order with only the name of the commenter the person is responding to as an indicator. If a commenter has responded multiple times, a reader has no idea which comment the respondent is responding to. Please consider indenting responses or making it easier to switch back and forth between the full thread and the relevant reply view or otherwise making it clearer what's happening in a long thread.
  • When clicking on a comment from the notifications list, the site doesn't navigate to the specific comment. It just goes to the top of the page.

Any other thoughts people?

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