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Et tu, Mad Libs?

I saw this today in a store:

I'll say that growing up, I was traditionally girly as shit with all my barbies being lesbian stewardesses and my love of baby dolls, flowers, kitties and tea parties. I loved me a good fucking tea party with china cups and cute shit and all. I mean, a tea party with pink china cups and toy bunnies and flowers is like heaven.


But FUCK, we all know how everything is pink but WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE PINK? Will little girls DIE if their Mad Libs are gender neutral? If they don't write about fucking unicorns (scratch that, Unicorns rule)? If they don't write about barrettes and lipgloss and shit? I mean, it's like traditionally gendered girly stuff is fine but everything doesn't have to be gendered. There has to be a place in life where the categories of toys and games and interests fall on things other than gender lines.

I am preaching to the choir here but I love Mad libs. I FUCKING LOVE THEM. Where else could I have inserted pee into a story? Or be able to talk about farts in mixed company and in front of my mom? And so as a result, they make me really sad when they do something like this because they can do better. THEY CAN DO BETTER. George Lucas has already messed with my childhood—you too Mad Libs?

But when they make these series of girly mad libs with pink pages, it signifies plenty. If for nothing else, it definitely tells us that cool mad libs are for the default gender, boys and their adventures. We just get fucking pink. They get to be pirates or spies or lion tamers. I want that. I want it all!!!

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