I managed to catch this gem of a story today whilst listening to NPR while working on my french homework today. (Ooooh the delicious irony!!) According to one foodie, "Cherek argues that certain products are so unique that only one country or region should be allowed to lay claim. So, for example, he says only onions from Vidalia, Ga., should be called American Vidalia, and Lambic beer absolutely has to come from a specific valley in Belgium."

But there's another side!

"Take, for instance, cheddar cheese — which is big business in Wisconsin."They simply can't legislate that into a region," Cherek says. "Cheddar is made in Australia, in the U.S., in Canada. It's made in probably seven or eight countries." And therein lies the problem."

And now i'm pondering what it would mean to my cheese consumption if the names of my favorite local cheeses have to be changed cuz Europe thinks we only eat Cheez Whiz in the US.

On the other hand I do think we need to think about labeling of foods so that consumers arent duped and we get to eat what we think we are eating. As some of you may recall, Forbes did an epic take down on Kobe Beef and how it wasn't available outside of Japan. Although in recent years there's been some changes on that front.

So what do you think we should name of our locally made cheeses if we can't use names like, brie, roquefort and chevre?